Glycolysis Animation video

Mcgraw-Hill Higher Education Anatomy and Physiology Online Learning Centre

Animation: How Glycolysis works

Hey guys,

Here is a little summary video of glycolysis that I found doing some research. It is not very detailed and just gives a general overview of the process of glycolysis but it explains the idea of glucose a 6C sugar being converted to pyruvate, a 3C sugar by a number of steps. The added perk of this video is that it has some MCQ below to test your understanding of the information just presented. The video is also clear and the animation is simple enough to follow. However, there is little mention of the enzymes involved and the intermediate products formed before you get to pyruvate, but it gives a general overview which, if you are not aware of the process, it will give some insight on the topic. This video also has the text below in case you do not fully understand the narration which is an added bonus. So check it out and see if you like it or not. Answer the questions too, it is a nice review of your knowledge of glycolysis. The link is posted above.

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