Enzyme Inhibitors Videos

Essential Biochemistry: Enzyme Inhibition


Hey my Biochem Peeps,

Check out this video presentation on the website listed above. This video gives a very good description of enzyme inhibition. It begins with an overall introduction on the mechanism of action of inhibitors, then delves into the two main categories of inhibitors (irreversible and reversible). For each category, it shows an interactive cartoon in which the mechanism of action is described. When describing the different reversible inhibitors, it gives description of the process and then explains why there is a change in the enzyme kinetics (Km and Vmax). There is also questions at the end of each section where you can test your knowledge of what was just taught.

I really liked this video since it gives a summarized idea of each inhibition and tells you all the important info. for each without you having to read it and figure it out. I like the interactive animation as well. I am sure that you will really enjoy looking at this since it is a good revision especially for the upcoming exam on Wednesday. The downside to this video is that it does not give you the M-M curve and L-B plot, but this is a minor setback and the simple and easy to follow text material makes up for this.

Some general instructions:

You need to click on the forward button at the bottom of the video to move through the sections but there is also a drop down menu at the top right hand corner that allows you to skip through to different sections

The review questions, you click on the answer and it tells you why it is right or wrong. This is an added bonus and gives you good assimilation of all the materials.

I hope that you enjoy. Keep good.

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