Reflection of the week 11

Hello there Biochem people.

Week 11!!!! Can you believe it?

We have reached the penultimate week for the blog and I must say that I am saddened and disappointed. I am not sure how time flew by so quickly but I must say that this journey was not as painful as anticipated. I believe that Sir has done what I did not think was possible, MAKE ME ENJOY BIOCHEM.

I will not lie to you, it has been a lot of work this semester, but I did have fun and the activities were very intriguing, kept me on my toes, and interested. Nevertheless, all things must come to an end and I am extremely excited to close this chapter and look forward to bigger and better things. However, that is not until next week and let us cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, I am going to focus on the week that was.


Week 11 was marked by the BIG EVENT. The one that we have been anticipating for weeks, the one that we thought would never come… the Mock Exam!!!!


Now this exam was not bad at all. The questions were fair and tested across all the topics. I was definitely prepared for worse, but I was pleasantly surprised by the ease to which I was able to answer the questions. There was only one drawback to this exam and I believe that most of us share the same sentiments, that we just needed a five minutes extra to finish that exam. In the local parlance, ‘sir put goat mouth on us’.

Why I say that? You might ask. Well because, he kept mentioning it in class that the biggest hurdle that we would face was the fact that our knowledge will not translate to the exam answers due to our inability to think quick enough and then actually finish the exam.


Well, I hate to say it, but he was right. I am not too disappointed though since I take it as a learning experience and know exactly what strategy to employ for the final. So, I am not ruminating on the fact that I could have done better in the exam, had I finished. I am optimistic of the finals.


Week 11 did not have any other remarkable event since we were all consumed with the big exam. Therefore, on to the final week of lectures, blogs and lab reports. I am eagerly anticipating the end since it means that I have successfully completed an entire semester of Biochem without being worse for wear.


Thus, all the best for the final week and wishing you all the success in all your remaining projects. Keep good and talk again in a bit.

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