The summary of me

studentHey there world, it’s me, Nicole Khan from Trinidad. I am a professional student currently enrolled at the University of the West Indies reading for Bsc in Psychology.


I have the typical hobbies: reading, baking, and sewing, light construction, gardening, nature observing and watching television. Oh and not to be forgotten, talking!!! Some may say that I am highly domesticated but I say in order for girls to dominate the world we have to learn how to do everything.

I have always been interested in Medical Sciences, in particular, Forensic Pathology and Psychiatry. My fascination with the human mind and body has its origins in my childhood experiences. The intrigue and excitement that I get from dvelving into the anatomy and physiology of the human mind and body far surpasses any other interest. So I have devoted my life to understanding the mechanisms of action that make us humans click.

brain image

Now, I must sound as boring as nails to some, but I don’t care since what brings me happiness is how I live my life. And I work hard, live right and do the best that I could to make my world a better place.

med image


One thought on “The summary of me

  1. Jeff says:

    I am quietly a fan of your Wordles!

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